Intelligent Toilet Seat Mordern Bathroom Appliance Smart Toilet Seat MA-AK68

Product Specification:

  • Voltage : AC 110V / 220-240V
  • Rated frequency : 50/60Hz
  • Rated power : 1020W
  • Color : White
  • Material : ABS cover
  •  Basic functions : Spray; Bidet; Warm seat; Air dry; Seat sensing; Soft closing; Warm water washing;
  •  Health function : Oscillation;
  •  Convenient function : Infrared remote control; Position adjustment; Water Temp adjusting; Seat Temp
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Size: 515*372*131mm


Versatile Functions

Multi-function buttons, you can adjust different usage modes, making it more convenient for you and your family.


Triple Waterways Nozzle. —-Let you and your family have a comfortable experience 
1. Posterior Wash: The special nozzle for buttocks washing sprays warm water to fully wash the buttocks.

2. Lady Wash: Specially designed for women’s daily hygiene, carefully cleaned to prevent bacterial infection.

3. Enema Wash: Strengthen the cleaning effect by adjusting the water pressure, with deep cleaning of the Intestinal wall.

4. Mobile Wash: Can adjust the position of the nozzle, water pressure, water temperature and different usage modes.



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