Frameless LED Light adjustable Makeup Mirror with clock


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Glass Mirorrs


Material:4mm copper free silver mirror+LED lighted strip

Lighting source:LED Light Strip

LED Color:White 6500K

Function:Touch Switch, LED Light, Defogger, Digital Clock,Speaker

Transform your bathroom with our premium LED mirrors. Designed to deliver superior brightness and clarity, these mirrors are ideal for all your grooming needs. The built-in LED lighting ensures a flawless reflection, making it easier to perform tasks like shaving, applying makeup, or skincare routines. Our LED mirrors come with modern features such as touch sensors, dimmable lights, and anti-fog technology, providing both style and functionality. Crafted with high-quality materials, they are built to last and seamlessly blend with any bathroom decor. Discover the perfect LED mirror to elevate your bathroom’s look and functionality today.


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